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Monstera Xanthospatha

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MONSTERA xanthospatha 

A unique blade-like monstera that sports giant leaves with long elliptical fenestrations. Xanthospatha will get around 4-8 fenestrations per leaf upon maturity, but the size an unique leaf shape is what makes this monstera stand out among the rest. A collectable addition for any monstera, or houseplant enthusiast out there!

Sometimes goes by Monstera Obliqua 'Colombia' since it is found in Columbia. Typically located at an elevation between 1200 - 2500m.  Frequently occurring in the Pacific Fringe, which is humid and mostly jungle.  Sadly, the majority of the old growth areas containing the highest numbers of species have been replaced by coffee, bananas and avocado plantations.  It's only in some of the most steep and inaccessible areas that these precious monstera might still be found.

It has been said xanospatha was first documented in 1910. However, one of the earliest actual herbarium collections was taken in 1922 by the New York Botanical Garden.  Ellsworth Killip collected this specimen and called it Monstera pertusa.  Later, it was relabeled by Madison as Monster xanospatha.

Monstera xanthospatha is said to be very closely related to the obliqua complex, but as with many monstera the nomenclature has not been worked out yet.  The spathe/flower is creamy white.  Fruit is light orange in color.  Monstera xanthospath is characterized by its deciduous petiole wings.

Monster xanthospatha is very quick grower for us once established.  It is a sprawler if not given a pole to climb on. So it's best on a pole where it will quickly start to fenestrate.  Very easy to care for.  Loves bright, indirect light and 70% humidity.

Grower choice of plant. You will NOT receive the plant in the pictures, but a xanthospatha  similar in size and shape.

Monstera  Xanthospatha PlantMadness Monstera  Xanthospatha PlantMadness