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Dendrobium primulinum, var. Laos

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Dendrobium primulinum, var. Laos

**Den. primulinum var. Laos stands out from the more common Thailand variety with its longer canes and larger flowers, featuring a prominent yellow blotch on the lip. This deciduous species thrives with a minimum of three hours of direct sunlight daily. It produces pendulous canes that bloom from winter through summer, showcasing clusters of 1-2 fragrant flowers along their length.

Mounted on a plastic plaque. See pic.  Nice size plants. 

Cultivation Tips:

  • Water and Fertilizer: At the onset of new growth, provide plenty of water and fertilizer for the most abundant flowering. Withhold both once the leaves and flowers have faded and until new growths are evident.
  • Light:  Requires direct sunlight for at least three hours a day.
  • Temperature:  A cool to intermediate grower, it needs cool night temperatures year-round for optimal growth and flowering.
  • Display: For the best flower display, grow in a basket to allow the canes to cascade beautifully.

Highly recommended for orchid enthusiasts looking for a unique and striking variety!

Dendrobium primulinum, var. Laos PlantMadness Dendrobium primulinum, var. Laos PlantMadness