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Schoenorchis fragrans

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Schoenorchis fragrans, commonly known as the fragrant Schoenorchis, is a cool to warm-growing orchid native to the deciduous forests of parts of Asia. This super-mini species features close-packed leaves that produce clusters of tiny, bright pink flowers in summer. Although these flowers are said to be fragrant, we have never personally detected their scent. Regardless, we adore this species, which scores a perfect 10 on the cuteness scale. We are considering orchid earrings!  LOL!

Many Schoenorchis species are accustomed to hot, bright conditions, preferring to get wet and then dry out quickly, mimicking a hot and breezy environment. However, you can grow intermediate to warm, and I have great success with Schoenorchis as long as I allow them to dry out between waterings. To promote quick drying, it is best to grow them mounted.

You will receive a plant similar to the ones in the pictures. 

Blooming Size Plant: Yes  *Blooming size plants- This does not mean you will receive a plant in bud or bloom. 

Schoenorchis fragrans PlantMadness Schoenorchis fragrans PlantMadness Schoenorchis fragrans PlantMadness