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Heat Pack

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This is a Plant Madness order add-on. Purchase only if needed and you have an existing (unshipped) Plant Madness order.

You want to send a beautiful tropical plant on a cold journey? Ok, let us help you understand so you can make the best decision for your new plant!

This is a 72 hour heat pack and insulated foil to HELP protect your plant (see pics). Highly recommended for orders traveling in anything less then 45F. Please be aware that heat packs are NOT a fool proof system of sending a TROPICAL plant into cold temperatures. Yes, it helps but DAMAGE or DEATH may still occur. There are many factors you need to beware. Please keep reading...

Cold damage still MAY occur if YOU choose to ship with the Postal Service. Frequently, the Postal Service can take longer than 72 hours to deliver a pkg. The heat pack will only last for 72 hours. The postal service can also expose plants to temperature extremes that heat pack CANNOT compensate for. If you choose this shipping method Plant Madness is NOT responsible for damage. Please choose expedited shipping if you live in an area experiencing extreme temperatures.

Heat Pack 101
One heat pack can increase the temperature of a 1cu. ft. box approximately 20 degrees, for every additional heat pack that you use the temperature will can increase an additional 10 degrees. Two pack max based on space. Heat packs normally work well for those experiencing temps just under the 45F mark. Please remember that if you are experiencing 20F deg weather for example; a heat pack may or may not help depending on what the carrier exposes that package to. We have absolutely no control over this and you are taking 100% accountability by shipping a tropical plant into these conditions.

***LEAF 🍃 DAMAGE can still occur. While heat packs are useful, it may be a better idea for you to ship when your conditions warm up if you are experiencing these temperatures. Please understand buy shipping your plant into these conditions you are taking 100% accountability. There will be no refunds or credit of any kind. By making this purchase you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Thank you

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