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Bulbophyllum fascinator

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Bulbophyllum fascinator

Species Description
Bulbophyllum fascinator, known as the fascinating bulbophyllum, is a small orchid species found in the mountain forests of peninsular Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. These plants bloom in summer and fall, producing striking flowers that are large and purple with yellow or white accents and adorned with numerous hairs.  Bulbo. fascinator are warm growers.

Genus Description
Bulbophyllum is currently considered the most diverse genus of orchids, with over 1,500 described species. Found in all tropical areas on Earth, Bulbophyllums are morphologically and geographically diverse. Named for their bulbous leaves, all Bulbophyllums share common flower characteristics, including a hinged column that causes part of the flower to jiggle or bob, attracting pollinators. Many Bulbophyllums are pollinated by flies, which are drawn to flowers that often look or smell like decaying matter. Approach these flowers with a cautious nose!

Growing Tips
Bulbophyllums are easy to grow, preferring to stay moist and generally favoring warm temperatures. They thrive in intermediate (winter) to hot (summer) conditions and grow well in intermediate light, although they can tolerate low light (resulting in fewer flowers). I have found increased success by growing mine in a closed tray with a little water standing at the bottom for potted plants. For those in baskets, water frequently from all sides. Bulbophyllums enjoy regular fertilizer; I use slow-release fertilizer and occasionally spray additional fertilizer. They can be potted in bark, moss, or a combination of the two. Due to their short roots, baskets or shallow pots work best for these orchids.

You will receive a plant very similar to the one in the photos. 

Blooming Size Plant: Yes  *Blooming size plants- This does not mean you will receive a plant in bud or bloom. 

Bulbophyllum fascinator PlantMadness Bulbophyllum fascinator PlantMadness Bulbophyllum fascinator PlantMadness