Live Stream Sale Rules

Official Plant Madness Live Stream Rules

Instagram - @plantmadness at 2pm EST Sunday

Plantstory - 7pm EST Friday

Thank you for joining our Live Stream. We host Live stream sales to offer unusual plants with unusual patterns, size, growth, and rarity. You may even find plants at special prices during these streams, making them a great way to find unusual treasures you can’t find on our normal web stores. These are conducted in (but not limited to) auction format. Note plants and pricing are unique and may not be replicated on our webstore or on other live streams. 

Please read these rules thoroughly before placing a bid on one of our featured items. 


  1. Bid Increments. 
    1. Bids are placed in $1- $5 increments depending on the item. Increments will be announced at the start of each item. Bidding will end after 10 second countdown, or timer has concluded.
  2. Safety Bids
    1. The highest bidder can place a second bid as a “safe bid” to protect the item they are winning. If no one else bids, the bidder will receive the item at their set price; otherwise, the item goes to the highest bidder.
  3. Community involvement
    1. Comment “Done” at the end of the countdown. This helps us keep track of the final bids.
    2. Ties
      1. The first winning bidder wins the auction
      2. In the case where a first winner can’t be decided, a coin flip will be conducted. Plant Madness will assign each potential winner a side and conduct the flip.
    3. Indecision
      1. In the case of indecision one of two things occur
        1. Tie with both potential winners
        2. All decisions are ultimately decided by the moderator.
  4. Invoicing
    1. Instagram:
      1. Orders are issued through Instagram messaging
      2. All orders are processed through Shopify, and must be paid within 24 hrs of receiving the invoice. 
      3. It’s up to the winner to take a screenshot of the plant. Once the order has been paid, up to (2) additional photos can be provided on request
      4. A maximum hold of one week may be applied at the customer's request, but the invoice must be fully paid. a non refundable deposit of 30% will be placed in the event the recipient cancels. Note, this waives the refund policy for the order.
    2. Refer to site shipping days to determine when your order will ship.
  5. Plantstory 
    1. Orders are completed during the livestream
      1. Failure to complete your order, results in “item ghosting” and is in violation Plantstory terms
      2. Last minute shipping add-ons are available on our store front.

Shipping rates/ rules 

USPS Priority (~2-3 days)

15$ + 5$ each additional plant

For cuttings & >3” plants 3$ extra

Express (1-2 days)

45$ + 12$ each additional plant

UPS 2-day (2 day)

25$ + 5$ each additional plant 

UPS air saver (next day)

35$ + 10$ each additional plant