Live Plant Auction Rules

Official Plant Madness INSTAGRAM (IG) LIVE Auction Rules

By participating in the Auction you agree to our terms and conditions.

@plantmadness at 2pm EST Sunday  Days are announced on IG.  We currently don't have an auction every Sunday. Normally, 2-3 times a month. 

Become a subscriber for the latest information and be able to participate in the auctions.  IG limits subscribers to 200 members. Currently, we have available slots but soon we will be maxed out so don't loose your membership privileges.

You MUST be a IG subscriber to participate in auctions.  This is different than a follower.  It's like a membership.  It cost $5, but currently you get a $5 promotional coupon every month so there is really no cost. When we hit 200 subscribers we will no longer offer coupons as each membership will become a commodity. 

We do this to control people who bid against fellow members without paying.  We try to keep a fair and honest auction community.  If you don't pay for your plants by Tuesday 12:00 pm EST the Sunday after the auction, you will be automatically banned and you will loose your membership. 

Please read these rules thoroughly before placing a bid on one of our featured items. 


  1. Bid Increments. 
    1. Bids must be placed in $5.00 increments. For Auctions that start at over $500, increments will be in $10
  2. Safety Bids
    1. The highest bidder can place a second bid as a “safe bid” to protect the item they are winning. If no one else bids, the highest bidders will buy the item at the previous highest bid. If there is more than one bid, and it beats the former highest bidders original bid, original auction rules will apply.
  3. Community involvement
    1. Comment “Done” on the end of the auction. This helps us keep track of the final bids.
    2. Moderator/Plant Madness has final say in auction disputes.
    3. Ties
      1. When the community isn’t able to majority agree on a single winner this is considered a “tie”. At this point a coin flip on camera is done. First person to claim a side results in the other getting the opposite one. One flip decides the winner.
  4. Invoicing must be paid by the following Tuesday 12:00 pm EST. If you fail to pay FOR ANY REASON you will be banned from the subscriber list. Invoices paid before 10am EST Tuesday are eligible for same week shipping.
    1. Shipping days are monday-tuesday for most plant orders. 2-day or Overnight, can be shipped on wednesday. (refer to shipping rules for rates)
  5. Pictures of plant winnings
    1. In an effort to keep new items moving, it’s the responsibility of the winner to screenshot a plant in the case of their success. We can provide pictures after the action, once the invoice is fully paid for.

Note, by placing a bid you're committing to purchase that item, if won. If you fail to complete your invoice within the time allotted, your participation in future actions and future PlantMadness events may be jeopardized.

Note. We take extreme care checking destination temperatures and reaching out to customers with concerning conditions. If your weather is either hot (high 90’s to 100+), or if your cold (less than 45) please get expedited shipping to avoid potential damage. It is the responsibility of the customer to double check their weather, and reachout/ purchase the necessary services to ensure safe plant arrival. We treat plant arrivals by strict case by case basis, and ultimately have no power over the plant's condition during transit.


Once the auction has concluded, invoicing will be issued within 12 hours of auction end. Double check your item list, to make sure all your winnings are accounted for (we keep a Master list, but it's always good to have a second pair of eyes). Invoices are expected to be paid within 24 hrs of receiving them.

Cold weather: We offer winter protection for 6.99$ on our store. To help ensure quality during transit through 45F (and lower) we ask you to include one with your order. Our heat packs include: winter foil insulation, and a 72 hour heat pack.

Invoices are completed through our website ( where we support shopify payments (if qualified), and credit card payment. Please note, we do not accept paypal or venmo under any circumstances. Please use a valid email, or phone number as this is where you will receive all tracking details related to your order (double check your spam folders). 

Shipping rates/ rules 

 USPS Priority (~2-3 days)

15$ + 5$ each additional plant

For cuttings & >3” plants 2.50$ extra

 Express (1-2 days)

45$ + 12$ each additional plant

 UPS 2-day (2 day)

25$ + 5$ each additional plant 

 UPS air saver (next day)

35$ + 10$ each additional plant


Summer Weather Rates (effective 7/15, until things cool down a bit)



 UPS 2-day (2 day) (special rate)

17$ + 3.5$ each additional plant 

 UPS air saver (next day)

35$ + 10$ each additional plant


Sweepstakes are chosen out of the Instagram Subscribers list. We will announce the winner in the livestream, Sunday at 2pm EST. (free submission to all subscribers) You must be present at the time your name is called to receive your prize. 

  • If left unclaimed, a 10 second countdown will occur until a runner up is announced.
  • We will keep cycling through “runner ups” until the prize is claimed or 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • You can only win one prize, per auction. 



Instagram does not sponsor, endorse, or associated with these sweepstakes in any way.

Thank you and see you at the auction! 

Live the Madness!