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Myrmecocattleya Rio's Little Treasure 'Hot Lip'

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Myrmecocattleya RIo's Little Treasure 'Hot Lip'
(Cattleya violacea x Myrmecophila albopurpurea)

Myrmecocattleya Rio's Little Treasure is a primary hybrid of Cattleya violacea and Myrmecophila albopurpurea, created and registered by Dr. Ruben P. Sauleda in 2013. This orchid blooms in spring and summer, featuring beautiful, long-lasting, slightly fragrant white flowers with a bright purple lip. The plant has a very compact growth habit and is notably heat and drought tolerant, qualities inherited from its Myrmecophila albopurpurea parent.
Schomburgkia is now called Myrmecophila. The common name used by locals for this orchid is cow horn orchids.  This is because the shape of their pseudobulbs.  These bulbs have hollow chambers that in the wild make perfect homes to ants.  Thus, the new name Myrmecophila refers to the symbiotic relationship with colonies of ants. 

Cultivate this plant in very bright light with some direct sun and moderate humidity. It can be acclimated to full sun, similar to its natural habitat. Warm temperatures are essential. We recommend mounting this plant on driftwood, tree or growing it in a basket. Ensure the plant dries out between waterings.  Easy to grow and low care once established. 

Widely used here in South Florida on palms or other trees that great direct sunlight.  Once established, they will quickly colonize the trunk and reward you with stunning blooms. 

What you get: We sell blooming size plants either bareroot or mounted.  This doesn't NOT mean you will get a blooming plant.  It just means they are blooming size. 
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