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Ionopsis Utricularioides

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Ionopsis utricularioides, commonly known as the Delicate Ionopsis. It was once widespread in the southern counties of Florida, but now only found in three do to habitat destruction.  One of the remaining counties being Palm Beach where we call home.  Our plants are from tissue culture and have never seen the wilds, but if you live in Southern Florida maybe you can put one of these beauties on your trees. This is a Florida native.

The delicate violet orchid (as it is sometimes called) is also found in Mexico, the West Indies, Central America, and northern South America. This orchid grows to a height of 15 cm, with flowering stems that can reach up to 50 cm in length. The plant features 1-5 thick, stiff, dark green leaves that develop a reddish-brown hue when exposed to more sunlight. From December to April, it produces up to 75 pale pink flowers with darker rose-colored veins on a panicle that emerges from the base of the pseudobulb. 

Ionopsis utricularioides typically grows on slender twigs and is often found over or near standing water within hardwood hammocks, sloughs, and cypress domes. While this orchid is generally secure throughout its range in the American tropics, it is now considered endangered in Florida.

CULTURE: These orchids are typically grown on small mounts and require slightly more shade than Tolumnias. They thrive with excellent air circulation and high humidity throughout the year. For optimal growth, maintain intermediate temperature conditions of 80-85°F (26-29°C) during the day, with a nighttime cooling of approximately 15°F (9.5°C). The flowers are long-blooming and will put on an impressive display. This plant is suitable for growing in Wardian cases, as it remains within the 6-inch (15 cm) size range.

Blooming Size Plant: Yes  *Blooming size plants- This does not mean you will receive a plant in bud or bloom. 

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