Rhaphidorphora Decursiva "Monstera Dragon tail"

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You will receive a 4" pot.

People typically think this is a monstera but it actually is not. It grows incredibly easy and we'll climb up just about anything.  Super easy and a great beginner plant.  Be sure to give it something to climb on.  

It requires a bright filtered light. It's a thirsty plant although you don't want to waterlog the roots either. It will tolerate your household humidity but of course loves more moisture if it can get it. Standard indoor temps are fine and of course the warmer the better. A really loose friable chunky soil that has plenty of aeration is a good choice for this plant.

Care Instructions

  • SOIL: Light and airy with excellent drainage. We recommend a ratio of  2/3 of the mix be #4 Sunshine mix + 1/3 Perlite
  • HUMIDITY: Recommend humidity levels to be around 55-70%
  • TEMPERATURE: 70ºF - 95ºF  Most household temps are perfect.  Will not tolerate anything below 55F