Giant Hawaiian Golden Pothos "Solomon Island Strain"

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Okay this is not your normal golden ivy. These leaves get really big and have an amazing color. Originating from the Solomon Islands, this is a particular strain we have been working on for a while reproducing only the best variegation on the largest leaves.

This is a MATURE NODE thus the price.  What does that mean?  A cutting from a plant that is not a mature node can take 1-2 years to start developing really big leaves.  It's not unusual for the leaves to get two feet across or more. 

It's obviously a climber and loves bright indirect sunlight. Though outside I have definitely seen it growing in the full sun.

Makes an amazing and colorful rare houseplant that will certainly take over your living room if you let it. Personally we can't stop looking at it. We have it climbing all over the walls in the greenhouse. I haven't seen this particular pothos strain anywhere else.  We are trying to produce cuttings as fast as we can but they sell out really quick so please be patient.

***You will get a plant that is similar to the one pictured in the 6" pot but not the exact plant in the picture. Just like us they all look a little different from each other but it will be in a 6-inch pot and anywhere from 8 to 16 Inches tall.

Care Instructions for Golden Pothos

  • SOIL: Light and airy with excellent drainage. We recommend a ratio of  2/3 of the mix be #4 Sunshine mix + 1/3 Perlite
  • LIGHT: Love sunlight and if you slowly move them into direct light they will be fine.  Do not thrive in dark rooms.  Must have 4 hours plus to thrive. 
  • HUMIDITY: Recommend humidity levels to be around 55-70%
  • TEMPERATURE: 70ºF - 95ºF