Philodendron Oxapapense Aff

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Philodendron Oxapapense is a fascinating Philodendron species that grows quickly and bushy with proper care.  The triangular leaves have an amazing almost lightly barred color or effect. They seem to hover on rather small stems with a hypnotic effect.

Oxapapense is a very fast grower in the right conditions so be prepared to give it a pole to climb on.  Very hard to find in the plant trade making this philodendron a rare delight.  Be one of the first to get this rainforest jewel.  

***You will get a plant that is similar to the one pictured in the 3.5" pot but not the exact plant in the picture. Just like us they all look a little different from each other but it will be in a 3.5-inch pot and anywhere from 8 to 16 Inches tall.

Care Instructions


Medium light.  This philodendron is an understory species.  Meaning it loves climbing trees, but doesn't get direct sunlight. 

Water and Soil

Rich, well draining soil.  Do no overwater.  Standing water is NOT your friend.  Yes, it's tropical and loves moisture, but make sure it drains.  

Temperature and Humidity

High humidity is preferred, but is not absolutely necessary as it can grow well in a normal room climate.