Dieffenbachia "Camouflage"

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Dieffenbachia are a very easy plant to grow and are perfect for those with medium to low light conditions.

If your a fan of mottled variegated plants then you will LOVE this one! This is Dieffenbachia Camouflage. Bright Lime green foliage with dark green speckles. Adds color and interest to any room with bright indirect light!

Perfect beginner plant and great air purifier.

Care Instructions


Ideally, keep dieffenbachias out of direct sunlight. They are considered an understory plant in nature, and prefer indirect light/shade making them ideal houseplants. 

Water and Soil

Similar to Philodendrons, dieffenbachia don't like to be watered frequently. Roots won't rot as fast as an aroid plant, but you should let them dry out a little between waterings. Water when the top layer of soil is just beginning to dry.  Create your own aroid mix out of loose friable material.  Use about 40% perlite in this mix with NO bark.  Bark acts like a sponge and holds too much water; which will cause root rot. 

Temperature and Humidity

Dieffenbachia prefer slightly cooler temperatures then your typical tropical plants. Their ideal temperature is between 65-75 degrees fahrenheit; similar to the temperature we keep our houses at.  High humidity (65-80%) is always ideal, but in this case not mandatory. They are tolerant to a wide range of conditions once acclimated, but never let your tropical plants be in temperatures below 50 degrees F, or experience frost.   Frost damages tropical plant tissue, make sure to protect them in the winter months and take them inside if they are on your patio or deck.