320# Philodendron White Wizard

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You are buying the EXACT plant in the photos.  

TWO ✌️ growth points 

Streaks of white variegation pattern each spade shaped leaf. The amount of white variegation varies from leaf to leaf, so you never know truly what your going to get until they unfurl, but keep an eye out on that stem!  A strong sign that your plant will have TONS of variegation is if it has a nice marbled stem to grow from. Great for any variegated aroid enthusiast.

This is a very well rooted philodendron stem cutting [see pic].  We HIGHLY advise letting you variegated philodendron grow in this pot for 3 months at least before transplanting and shocking the root system.  It has plenty of room to grow in it's new pot.  If you want to jazz up the look set it inside a larger fancier pot for the moment.  Miss Albo will thank you for this ;)

We have posted numerous pics for your inspection.  Please be aware of any imperfections or flaws before you purchase.  Sold as is, no refunds and no exchanges.

Care Instructions for Philodendron White Wizard

  • SOIL: Light and airy with excellent drainage. We recommend a ratio of  2/3 #4 Sunshine mix + 1/3 Perlite
  • LIGHT: BRIGHT INDIRECT LIGHT IS KEY! delicate variegation on the leaves burn easily and don't produce sugar for the plant. Needs less intense light and for longer periods of time then your typical houseplant.
  • HUMIDITY: Recommend humidity levels to be around 55-70%
  • TEMPERATURE: 70ºF - 90ºF