Calathea roseopicta ‘Rosy’, also Picturata Crimson

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Calatheas Rosie has to be one of my absolute favorite calathea colors.   You just never know what incredible shade of pink or purple green you're going to get as each stunning Leaf unfolds. It is literally like a kaleidoscope of colors.

*** Calathea usually experience some drying or curling of the leaves when shipped. They will recover from this when given proper humidity in your home. If this is an issue for you please do not order.  Thank you


Care Instructions


Ideally, keep Calatheas out of direct sunlight. They are considered an understory plant in nature, and prefer indirect light/shade making them ideal houseplants.

Water and Soil

Calatheas enjoy a rich well-draining soil. Allow to lightly dry out between watering. You will know if they need water because they Wilt very quickly.

Temperature and Humidity

Household temperatures are fine for calatheas but they do appreciate a little bit more humidity in the air. If you have a problem with lightly Browning of the edges on the leaves this is because you don't have enough humidity. Try setting the pot in a tray of gravel with water. The pot must sit on top of the gravel. Plenty of YouTube videos on this.